Monday, August 1, 2011

BangKok Denim ShOrt

: Be 100% SURE before reserving an item..
: 3 days reservation only... (NO JOY RESERVERS PLEASE)
: No return, No exchange...
: SF not yet included..

Within Roxas City, Capiz: 20pesos handling fee..

                                                      Outside Roxas City, Capiz:
                                                      Luzon - 100pesos
                                                     Visayas - 100pesos
                                                      Mindanao - 110pesos

    **** If you are intersted just see my site, go to Google and type  "  BAKAL DRESS SA ROXAS CITY " ****


  1. , bakal na kamu short,, hehe.. sa mga mahilig mag short da.. Sexy bla kmu cna lantawon,, heheh